Zombie Tsunami The zombies are revolting ! Attack the city w... 4.5
Unbroken Soul Unbroken Soul is a retro style action platfor... 4.3
Toy Truck Drive This game toy truck lets you drive truck sim... 4.2
Stack Ball - Blast through platforms Stack Ball is a 3d arcade game where players... 4.1
Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack If you are a fan of space shooting games and... 4.6
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Minecraft Trial Minecraft review: the unlimited freedom of actions Create your own ecosystem in the world of Minecraft. This is the world's most popular arcade game, packed with action, adventure,  and mystery. Use all available resources to create the world which you always dreamed of and defend its edges from the attackers.  When you decide to play Minecraft, you join the worldwide community consisting of millions of players. Unlimited freedom for creation and imagination is the thing which each of them adores about the game.  Graphics — 4.5/5 At first glance, the Minecraft graphics may seem badly worked out and ill-conceived. But when you immerse yourself in the gameplay, you realize that the graphics are designed specifically to convey the authentic atmosphere of the world of Minecraft.  First of all, the spirit of the game is supported by the scenery cubism. Everything is made of pixelated cubes here. Angularity is preserved in everything. Characters seem to be made from cardboard, and tools are pixelated to the extreme.  The visual performance of the game will remind you of Mario, Pacman, and other 8-bit games. The spirit of the nineties is carefully preserved in Minecraft, which lets you feel a slight sense of nostalgia.  Maybe, the graphics are not eye-pleasing or realistic, but the true game fans can't imagine another visual performance for this game.  Gameplay — 5/5 The Minecraft gameplay is intriguing, and it captivates users from the first playing minutes. Your primary task is to create the fictionary world and explore its vast surroundings. You are going to collect resources, build houses and castles, create weapons and vehicles.  In the survival mode, you will interact with different worlds. For example, you can find yourself in the farmlands where you need to grow vegetables and collect food for surviving. Another time you will be isolated in a dungeon where you have to fight deadly monsters. You have to remember that monsters appear with the nightfall, so you have to take care of building a dwelling. You can also play with other players by connecting to multiple servers. With every fulfilled task, you gain points and move up the leaderboard.  Controls — 5/5 You will notice right from the beginning, that the Minecraft controls are simple and user-friendly as its design and gameplay. All the functions are meant for your easy gameplay. In any mode you play, Minecraft delivers an unrivaled experience regarding control.  With its one-touch functions, you have an opportunity to do anything with ease. Even kids can master Minecraft controls and get real pleasure of playing.  Replay Value — 5/5 You can play Minecraft over and over because this game never limits your creativity and lets you join the vast community of players. You can even adjust game due to your preferences. With the help of created modes, you can run through new exciting maps and perform various tasks. The game will also please the most demanding players with the ability to create simple and complex mechanisms.  So if you are ready to experience the fullness of freedom and creation, then you will come back to Minecraft with a high probability Conclusion  Minecraft is an engaging game that will grab your attention from the first moment of playing. The game is unpredictable because everyone can modify it due to the unlimited opportunities of creating.  The open-world sandbox ensures that there is always something new to look forward, to create and experience. The multiplayer mode offers you an ability to practice the gaming experience with other users from around the world. 3.9
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