Yahoo!カーナビ -【無料ナビ】渋滞情報も地図も自動更新

Yahoo!カーナビ -【無料ナビ】渋滞情報も地図も自動更新

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Yahoo!カーナビ -【無料ナビ】渋滞情報も地図も自動更新 is a popular application developed by Yahoo Japan Corp.. Yahoo!カーナビ -【無料ナビ】渋滞情報も地図も自動更新is available for download for Android OS. We have chosen this application as one of those you should have on your phone. We have also collected links to official resources where you can get and install Yahoo!カーナビ -【無料ナビ】渋滞情報も地図も自動更新, as well as recommendations for your device's operating system and model.

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Yahoo!カーナビ -【無料ナビ】渋滞情報も地図も自動更新 Review

Yahoo!カーナビ -【無料ナビ】渋滞情報も地図も自動更新 is definitely on our list of to-be-soon-reviewed titles. We've compiled an official list of the app's features that may be of interest to you.

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Official App Description
ヤフーカーナビはスマホで使える、完全無料の本格カーナビ! 車載ナビに匹敵する充実機能を搭載しています。


◆安全運転をサポートする機能 「運転力診断」。運転力を100点満点で採点し総合的なアドバイスを行います。

(3) 高速道路専用のナビ走行
(4) リアルタイムに必要なものを検索できる目的地検索

・Yahoo! MAPでお気に入りにした場所を呼び出せます。よく行くコンビニやガソリンスタンド、旅行中に休憩を目的としたサービスエリアなどを登録しておくと簡単に目的地に設定することができます。

※1 ご利用にはYahoo! JAPAN ID(無料)でのログインが必要です。
※3「Yahoo! MAP」アプリがインストールされている必要があります。


Android 4.4 以上
本アプリケーションは、Yahoo! JAPAN利用規約(https://about.yahoo.co.jp/docs/info/terms/)をご確認のうえ、ご利用ください。

端末温度が上昇すると正常に動作しない可能性があります。 Yahoo car navigation can be used on smartphones and is completely free! Equipped with enhanced functions comparable to in-vehicle navigation.
(1) Map and navigation automatically updated for free
(2) Free JARTIC traffic information
(3) Real-time display of parking space availability information
(4) Provide speed warning information
If you have this, your smartphone becomes a car navigation system.

* Please confirm the following when using the service.
・ The Yahoo car navigation system is intended for use with ordinary cars under the Road Traffic Act.
・ When using navigation, please drive according to actual traffic rules and road conditions.
・ Please do not operate or watch the screen while driving because it is very dangerous and traffic violation.
・ Be sure to stop at a safe place and watch the operation and screen.

≪Full-scale car navigation system that evolves≫
◆ Convenient function "voice operation" that allows you to operate the app without touching the smartphone. If you talk to "Hey Yahoo", you can control Yahoo!
◆ "Parking position preservation" that allows you to check where you parked on the map. You can also check the elapsed time since parking.
◆ Functions that support safe driving "Driving ability diagnosis". We will give you comprehensive advice by scoring your driving ability with a maximum of 100 points.
◆ Traffic information by “Probe” is displayed.
◆ The guide screen is optimized for large screens, and the map and highway mode can be displayed simultaneously.
◆ Display “Yahoo! Road Traffic Information” to check traffic information on highways nationwide.
◆ The starting point can be set. You can also change the waypoints, so please use it when planning your trip.
◆ Up to 3 waypoints can be set when searching for routes.
◆ Voice guidance is possible in the background.
* Because GPS is used in the background, pay attention to the remaining battery charge.

■ Main features ■
(1) Map view
・ Display traffic information by JARTIC traffic information * 1
・ Intersection lane information and intersection name are displayed
・ 3D map display
(2) Driving with navigation
・ Intersection name display
・ Voice guidance also reads intersection names
(3) Navigation for exclusive use of expressways
-Toll road entrance illustration display
・ Branch illustrations on expressways are displayed at interchanges and junctions
・ Display service area and parking area information
・ It is possible to check high-speed fares before departure
(4) Destination search that can find what you need in real time
・ Parking availability information
・ Gas station fee
・ Car wash coupon for gas station
·convenience store
(5) Highway traffic congestion map
・ Display highway traffic information on a dedicated map
・ Easy-to-read information on regulations such as chain regulations and traffic closure due to heavy rain and accidents
(6) Route selection
Route candidates considering traffic jam prediction are displayed.
・ Recommended
Optimizes the balance between high-speed charges and arrival time.
・ High speed priority
We propose a route that prioritizes the expressway. High speed charges are also displayed.
・ General priority
We propose a route that gives priority to ordinary roads.

Other functions
・ We have added “Route Sharing” that allows you to contact your friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter about which route you can use and when. * 2
-You can see the rain clouds around your current location with rain cloud radar. * 3
・ You can call a favorite place on Yahoo! MAP. If you register a convenience store or gas station that you go to frequently or a service area for a break while traveling, you can easily set it as the destination.
-You can highlight convenience stores, gas stations, parking lots, etc. by setting facility icons.

* 1 To use, you need to log in with a Yahoo! JAPAN ID (free).
* 2 “Facebook” and “Twitter” apps must be installed.
* 3 “Yahoo! MAP” app must be installed.

I recommend this hotel
・ I want to avoid traffic jams such as homecoming and New Year's holidays.
・ I want to make a driving plan based on traffic conditions and traffic information on the expressway.
-I want to see regulatory information such as closed roads due to heavy snow.

≪Operating environment≫
Android 4.4 or higher
* However, some models may not work properly.
Please use this application after confirming the Yahoo! JAPAN Terms of Use (https://about.yahoo.co.jp/docs/info/terms/).

If the terminal temperature rises, it may not work properly.
You just can't miss this app!
Everyone recommends to get it!

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