WoT Web of Trust- Safe Browsing & Website Blocking

WoT Web of Trust- Safe Browsing & Website Blocking

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WoT Web of Trust- Safe Browsing & Website Blocking is a popular application developed by WOT Services LLC. WoT Web of Trust- Safe Browsing & Website Blockingis available for download for Android OS. We have chosen this application as one of those you should have on your phone. We have also collected links to official resources where you can get and install WoT Web of Trust- Safe Browsing & Website Blocking, as well as recommendations for your device's operating system and model.

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WoT Web of Trust- Safe Browsing & Website Blocking Review

WoT Web of Trust- Safe Browsing & Website Blocking is definitely on our list of to-be-soon-reviewed titles. We've compiled an official list of the app's features that may be of interest to you.

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Official App Description
★★★★★ “One of my favorites” - USA Today
★★★★★ "Excellent and free" - PCWorld

The ultimate web protection for Android! WOT is available to download on Chrome and Firefox browsers for mobile. Install and set up WOT via your mobile device and start using a safe browsing app to make sure you’re protected on the go!

Want safe searching on Android? You’ve got it! With WOT, you can enjoy a clean and safe browsing experience for FREE. Powered by a global community of over 140 million people, WOT checks every website before you visit it to let you know its safety and security rating.

By using WOT, you can enhance your web protection for Android and with safe browsing techniques, and check website safety for security threats.

Ever felt unsafe while surfing the web? Or have you thought ‘Is this website safe?’ WOT lets you know a website’s safety, based on what our community has rated it.


Website Security Check
WOT provides safe web surfing by notifying you regarding malicious and dangerous links. How does WOT know when a site is unsafe? Site reputation ratings are based on machine learning algorithms and safety ratings provided by over 140 million WOT users.

Safe Browsing App
With WOT on Android, you can web safety check every site on your mobile device for FREE. WOT catches threats that antivirus and anti-malware apps cannot. Spyware lurking on sites while you’re shopping online can snatch your personal details and steal your credit card information and identity. WOT spots these threats and prevents you from visiting these sites and instead, gives you safe websites to surf.

Red List Websites
Take control of your browser by using the red list on WOT. Create a redlist of websites on WOT and block specific websites that you would like to avoid.

Adult Content Blocking
Block internet sites that contain mature content and make sure you stay safe and secure while browsing the web. Advanced internet filters, web filters & superior content filtering is here to block certain websites that you would rather not see.

How does WOT work?
WOT provides you with a safer browsing experience that combines machine learning algorithms with over 140 million website safety ratings and reviews that are powered by the WOT community who create a safety score for every site.

When you browse any site, instead of needing to know how to block yourself from websites, the app runs a website safety check on the URL and matches it to our database of site security reputations. If the site is unsafe (contains phishing, malware, or other malicious threats), a warning notification is shown on your device with an option to go back to safety.

Powered by a global community of over 140 million people, WOT checks every website before you visit it to let you know its safety and security rating.

So what are you waiting for? Join the community today and help make the web a safer place!

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