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V4 is a popular application developed by NEXON Company. V4is available for download for Android OS. We have chosen this application as one of those you should have on your phone. We have also collected links to official resources where you can get and install V4, as well as recommendations for your device's operating system and model.

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V4 Review

V4 is definitely on our list of to-be-soon-reviewed titles. We've compiled an official list of the app's features that may be of interest to you.

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Official App Description
μ „ μ„œλ²„μ— 기둝될 λ‚˜λ§Œμ˜ 이름!
β–  μ„œλ²„, 캐릭터λͺ… 선점: 10.10 12:00 ~ 11.03 23:59

μ„œλ²„λ₯Ό λ›°μ–΄λ„˜λŠ” κ±°λŒ€ν•œ ν•„λ“œ μ „νˆ¬μ˜ μ™„μ„±!
λ„·κ²Œμž„μ¦ˆμ˜ μ„Έ 번째 λŒ€μž‘ MMORPG, V4 11μ›” 7일 κ·Έλžœλ“œ μ˜€ν”ˆ!
λͺ¨λ‘κ°€ κΈ°λ‹€λ €μ™”λ˜ μ§„μ •ν•œ ν•„λ“œ 쀑심 MMORPG의 μ„Έκ³„λ‘œ μ΄ˆλŒ€ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€.

β–Ά 사전등둝 ν˜œνƒ β—€
β–  ꡬ글 ν”Œλ ˆμ΄ 사전등둝 ν˜œνƒ
- 사전등둝 보급 μƒμž (100,000 κ³¨λ“œ + 초보자의 κ°•ν™” μ£Όλ¬Έμ„œ μƒμž 10개)

β–  V4 곡식 μ‚¬μ΄νŠΈ 사전등둝 ν˜œνƒ
- μ΄λΈ”λ¦°μ˜ 사전등둝 μ„ λ¬Ό μƒμž (150,000 κ³¨λ“œ + μœ„μΉ˜ 이동 μ£Όλ¬Έμ„œ 3개 + 버프 μ£Όλ¬Έμ„œ μƒμž 10개)
V4 사전등둝 ν•˜λŸ¬κ°€κΈ° ☞☞ https://v4.nexon.com/

β–  V4 곡식 카페 κ°€μž… ν˜œνƒ
- 곡식 카페 μ„ λ¬Ό μƒμž (ν•œμ •νŒ νƒˆ 것 μ™Έν˜• "브이퐁" + ν•˜κΈ‰ λ¬Όμ•½ μƒμž 1개)
V4 곡식 카페 κ°€μž…ν•˜λŸ¬κ°€κΈ° ☞☞ https://cafe.naver.com/nexonv4/

β–Ά κ²Œμž„ μ†Œκ°œ β—€
β–  μ„œλ²„λ₯Ό μ΄ˆμ›”ν•œ λŒ€κ·œλͺ¨ ν˜‘λ ₯κ³Ό 경쟁의 μž₯, μΈν„°μ„œλ²„
μˆ˜λ§Žμ€ μ„œλ²„κ°€ ν•œκ³³μ— λͺ¨μ—¬ λ§€μ‹œλΈŒν•œ μ „λž΅ μ „νˆ¬λ₯Ό νŽΌμΉœλ‹€.
μ„œλ²„μ˜ 경계가 사라진 μΈν„°μ„œλ²„μ—μ„œ μ „λ‘€μ—†λŠ” 규λͺ¨μ˜ μ΄ˆλŒ€ν˜• μ „νˆ¬λ₯Ό 즐겨라!

β–  λŒ€κ·œλͺ¨ ν•„λ“œ μ „νˆ¬μ˜ μ™„μ„±, 보슀 λ ˆμ΄λ“œ
이제껏 κ²½ν—˜ν•˜μ§€ λͺ»ν•œ 300λͺ… 규λͺ¨μ˜ ν˜‘κ³΅μ΄ κΈ°λ‹€λ¦°λ‹€.
PC MMORPG μˆ˜μ€€μ˜ λŒ€κ·œλͺ¨ λ ˆμ΄λ“œμ—μ„œ 승기λ₯Ό κ±°λ¨Έμ₯μ–΄λΌ!

β–  κ°œμ„±μžˆλŠ” μ „νˆ¬ λ§€μ»€λ‹ˆμ¦˜μ„ 가진 6μ’…μ˜ 클래슀
λ‹€μ±„λ‘œμš΄ 운영이 κ°€λŠ₯ν•œ 클래슀 고유의 μŠ€ν‚¬ μ‹œμŠ€ν…œ
λ³€ν™”λ¬΄μŒν•œ μ•‘μ…˜ μ—°μΆœκ³Ό λ”œλ§ 기반의 μž…μ²΄κ°μžˆλŠ” μ „νˆ¬λ₯Ό κ²½ν—˜ν•˜λΌ!

β–  λ‚˜λ₯Ό λŒ€μ‹ ν•  μ§„μ •ν•œ μ„œν¬ν„°, λ™λ£Œ μ‹œμŠ€ν…œ
ν”Œλ ˆμ΄μ–΄μ˜ κ³μ—μ„œ 고속 μ„±μž₯을 μœ„ν•œ λ‹€μ–‘ν•œ ν™œλ™μ„ λŒ€μ‹  μˆ˜ν–‰ν•œλ‹€.
μ‹œκ°„κ³Ό μž₯μ†Œμ— ꡬ애받지 μ•ŠλŠ”, 보닀 μ§„λ³΄λœ μ„±μž₯ κ²½ν—˜μ„ 즐겨라!

β–ΆV4(브이포) κ΄€λ ¨ μ†Œμ‹μ„ κ°€μž₯ λΉ λ₯΄κ²Œ 확인할 수 μžˆλŠ” 방법!β—€
V4 곡식 카페: https://cafe.naver.com/nexonv4/
V4 곡식 페이슀뢁: https://www.facebook.com/nexonV4/
V4 곡식 유튜브: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCny80CC0d-vjVoREOfFQR0w/

β–  슀마트폰 μ•± μ ‘κ·ΌκΆŒν•œ μ•ˆλ‚΄
μ•± 이용 μ‹œ μ•„λž˜μ™€ 같은 μ„œλΉ„μŠ€λ₯Ό μ œκ³΅ν•˜κΈ° μœ„ν•΄ μ ‘κ·Ό κΆŒν•œμ„ μš”μ²­ν•˜κ³  μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€.

[ν•„μˆ˜μ  μ ‘κ·ΌκΆŒν•œ]
카메라: 고객센터 λ¬Έμ˜μ— ν•„μš”ν•œ 자료 촬영
사진: 고객센터에 μŠ€ν¬λ¦°μƒ· 등둝

[μ ‘κ·ΌκΆŒν•œ 철회 방법]
β–Ά μ•ˆλ“œλ‘œμ΄λ“œ 6.0 이상: μ„€μ • > μ•± > κΆŒν•œ ν•­λͺ© 선택 > κΆŒν•œ λͺ©λ‘ > μ ‘κ·ΌκΆŒν•œ λ™μ˜ λ˜λŠ” 철회 선택
β–Ά μ•ˆλ“œλ‘œμ΄λ“œ 6.0 미만: 운영체제λ₯Ό μ—…κ·Έλ ˆμ΄λ“œν•˜μ—¬ μ ‘κ·ΌκΆŒν•œμ„ μ² νšŒν•˜κ±°λ‚˜, 앱을 μ‚­μ œ
β€» 앱이 κ°œλ³„ λ™μ˜ κΈ°λŠ₯을 μ œκ³΅ν•˜μ§€ μ•Šμ„ 수 있으며 μœ„μ˜ λ°©λ²•μœΌλ‘œ μ ‘κ·Ό κΆŒν•œμ„ μ² νšŒν•  수 μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€.
개발자 μ—°λ½μ²˜ :
1588-7701 My name will be recorded on the server!
β–  Server, Character Name Preemption: 10.10 12:00 ~ 11.03 23:59

Complete huge field battles beyond the server!
Netgame's third masterpiece, MMORPG, V4 Grand Opening on November 7th!
We invite you to the true field-driven world of MMORPGs that everyone has been waiting for.

β–Ά Pre-registration Benefits β—€
β–  Google Play Pre-registration Benefit
-Pre-registration Supply Box (100,000 Gold + 10 Beginner's Reinforcement Order Box)

β–  V4 official site pre-registration benefits
Evelyn's Pre-Registered Gift Box (150,000 Gold + 3 Relocation Orders + 10 Buff Order Boxes)
Go to V4 Pre-registration ☞☞ https://v4.nexon.com/

β–  V4 official cafe subscription benefits
-Official Cafe Gift Box (Limited Edition "V-Pong" + 1 Lesser Potion Box)
Go to join V4 official cafe ☞☞ https://cafe.naver.com/nexonv4/

β–Ά Game Introduction β—€
β–  Inter-server, a place of massive cooperation and competition beyond servers
Numerous servers come together in a massive strategic battle.
Enjoy an unprecedented scale of battle on an interserver with no server boundaries!

β–  completion of large-scale field battle, boss raid
300 people are waiting for you.
Win the game in a massive raid on PC MMORPG!

β–  6 different classes with unique combat mechanisms
Class-specific skill system capable of various operations
Experience ever-changing action-directed and deal-based three-dimensional battles!

β–  A true supporter and fellow system for me
A variety of activities for fast growth are performed by the player.
Enjoy a more advanced growth experience regardless of time and place!

β–Ά The fastest way to check the news related to V4 (V 4)! β—€
V4 official cafe: https://cafe.naver.com/nexonv4/
V4 Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nexonV4/
V4 Official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCny80CC0d-vjVoREOfFQR0w/

β–  Smartphone App Access Rights
When using the app, we request access to provide the following services.

[Required access]
Camera: Take a photo of the customer center
Photo: Register screenshot in Customer Center

[How to withdraw access right]
β–Ά Android 6.0 or later: Settings> Apps> Select permission item> Authorization list> Select permission consent or revocation
β–Ά Under Android 6.0: Upgrade your operating system to revoke access or delete apps
β€» The app may not provide the individual consent function, and the access right can be revoked by the above method.
You just can't miss this app!
Everyone recommends to get it!

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