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PPK GTK Dikdas

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PPK GTK Dikdas is a popular application developed by GTK PGDikdas Kemendikbud. PPK GTK Dikdasis available for download for Android OS. We have chosen this application as one of those you should have on your phone. We have also collected links to official resources where you can get and install PPK GTK Dikdas, as well as recommendations for your device's operating system and model.

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PPK GTK Dikdas Review

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Official App Description
Aplikasi meliputi pengambilan sumber data, proses verifikasi dan validasi data, perhitungan kebutuhan guru dan penyajian rekomendasi penataan guru dan untuk pembaharuan dapodik sekolah.

1. Manfaat bagi Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan
a. Pendorong/Stimulan bagi daerah untuk melengkapi dan memperbaharui data dapodik dengan data yang lengkap, valid, dan terkini.
b. Pendamping aplikasi SIM Rasio Ditjen GTK.
c. Pembanding data hasil penghitungan kebutuhan guru Dikdas berdasarkan data real-time dan data cutoff dapodik.
d. Persamaan persepsi dalam penghitungan kebutuhan guru pendidikan dasar.

2. Manfaat Bagi Dinas Pendidikan Kabupaten/Kota
a. Media untuk menghitung kebutuhan guru Dikdas (SD dan SMP) sesuai dengan kondisi real-time.
b. Memberikan gambaran mengenai kebutuhan guru Dikdas sesuai dengan kondisi nyata daerahnya masing-masing.
c. Dasar/bahan untuk mendorong satuan pendidikan melakukan pembaharuan data sesuai dengan kondisi nyata di tingkat satuan pendidikan secara periodik.
d. Memberikan pembelajaran cara penghitungan kebutuhan guru Pendidikan dasar yang sesuai dengan peraturan yang berlaku
e. Membantu daerah untuk mengetahui data valid yang terdapat di dalam dapodik.

3. Manfaat bagi Satuan Pendidikan
a. Media untuk mengecek kesesuaian data dan informasi yang tersedia di dapodik versi cutoff dengan kondisi nyata di satuan Pendidikan.
b. Media untuk menghitung kebutuhan guru pada satuan pendidikan sesuai dengan kebutuhan nyata.

4. Manfaat bagi individu guru
Media untuk mengecek kesesuaian data dan informasi yang tersedia di dapodik dengan kondisi nyata guru. Applications include retrieval of data sources, data verification and validation processes, calculation of teacher needs and presentation of teacher structuring recommendations and updates to school dapodik.

1. Benefits for the Ministry of Education and Culture
a. Drivers / stimulants for regions to complete and update dapodik data with complete, valid and up-to-date data.
b. SIM Ratio companion application for DG GTK.
c. Comparison of data from the calculation of the needs of Primary Education teachers based on real-time data and dapodik cutoff data.
d. Equality of perception in calculating the needs of basic education teachers.

2. Benefits for District / City Education Offices
a. Media to calculate the needs of Primary and Middle School teachers according to real-time conditions.
b. Provide an overview of the needs of Primary Education teachers according to the real conditions of their respective regions.
c. The basis / material is to encourage the education unit to update the data in accordance with the actual conditions at the education unit level periodically.
d. Providing learning how to calculate basic education teacher needs in accordance with applicable regulations
e. Help the area to find out valid data contained in dapodik.

3. Benefits for the Education Unit
a. Media to check the suitability of data and information available in the cutoff version with real conditions in the Education unit.
b. Media to calculate teacher needs in educational units according to real needs.

4. Benefits for individual teachers
The media to check the suitability of the data and information available in the database with the real conditions of the teacher.
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