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Hello Neighbor is a popular application developed by tinyBuild. Hello Neighboris available for download for Android OS. We have chosen this application as one of those you should have on your phone. We have also collected links to official resources where you can get and install Hello Neighbor, as well as recommendations for your device's operating system and model.

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Review: Hello Neighbor

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Professional Review

Professional Review

Julie Torvund
11 reviews on AppoSteria

Hello Neighbor is a 1st-person horror action game by the Russian-based developer Dynamic Pixels. In this game, you have to compete with the advanced artificial intelligence that controls the villainous Neighbor. Try to sneak into his house as quietly as possible and look for the way to unveil the mystery of the quiet house. If you want to start right away, you can download Hello Neighbor for a wide range of devices, including PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

Graphics 4.5/5

It’s hard to call Hello Neighbor game a graphical breakthrough as it doesn’t present ultra-realistic textures and physics. However, it has something to surprise you with. It’s the style. The entire game looks like a long-running psychedelic nightmare of a child. It’s full of surrealistic shapes, borrowed from cartoons, and reworked in 3D. This game can’t be taken for something else, and that’s the reason to love it even more. The quality of graphics depends on the platform you choose to play. The best quality can be achieved on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, while Switch and mobile devices have some processing limitations. Still, the quality is very high for handheld platforms.

Gameplay 5/5

Hello Neighbor gameplay is a combination of a 1st-person action with a screamer-based horror. You play a boy who lives in an average suburban neighborhood, but there’s something wrong going in his neighbor’s house every night. Kid’s curiosity is too strong to stand aside, so he embarks on a dangerous stealth adventure into the mysterious house across the street. There the boy figures out that the house itself isn’t exciting at all, but the basement hides something. And the number of locks of the door is a true sign. Your mission is to control the boy to help him solve puzzles and find a way to the basement and not get caught by the owner of the house. Unfortunately, this creepy middle-aged man is extremely sensitive to any noise and actions around the house. Soon, he starts noticing your presence and starts putting various obstacles, like bear traps. Get ready for some of the scariest screamers in your life too!

Controls 5/5

Hello Neighbor latest version offers highly convenient control layouts for PC, consoles, and smartphones. Of course, playing with full-size controllers while testing the versions of the game for this Hello Neighbor review was more comfortable than playing on a touchscreen. However, you can get used to the sensor layout quickly as it’s very similar to the console button layout.

Replay Value 4.5/5

Due to the advanced AI, Hello Neighbor full game provides loads of random content to explore. Although the game is rather short, you can replay it several times in a row and try to unlock all the failure scenarios. They’re really scary, but exciting too!


Hello Neighbor is one of the worthiest horror franchises of the last decade. You can download Hello Neighbor for a large variety of platforms, which is a very rare feature for indie projects of such a big scale. It’s recommended to everyone who wants to hit a nerve!

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 4.5

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