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Grand Theft Auto V

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Grand Theft Auto V is a popular application developed by Rockstar North. Grand Theft Auto Vis available for download for Android OS. We have chosen this application as one of those you should have on your phone. We have also collected links to official resources where you can get and install Grand Theft Auto V, as well as recommendations for your device's operating system and model.

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Review: Grand Theft Auto V

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Professional Review

Professional Review

Ester Kittelsen
21 reviews on AppoSteria

Welcome to the hot sunny streets of Southern California, where the beauties are wearing tight bikinis, the coast is strewn with golden sand, and every second person is ready to commit a crime. It's Los Santos, the city of the American Dream. Millions of players around the world have already attended it thanks to the Grand Theft Auto V. The game needs no extra introduction, so let's quickly get to its review. 

Graphics — 5/5

The game graphics are the real pride for developers. The visual performance was significantly improved comparing to the previous series. You will notice the visuals became more detailed, the textures are sharper. The brand new level of animations make the fans of the series to give their glowing accounts. 

The high game's resolution can be actually named one of the best in the gaming world of our days. From the road signs to the tiniest raindrops on the ground - everything is performed in details. Watching this all from a first-person view is a unique pleasure.

Gameplay — 5/5

You can play GTA V from both a first-person perspective and a third-person perspective. You can only control one of three main playable protagonists in the game. They are Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Philips. All of them have various life circumstances which led them to a criminal lifestyle. 

Your criminals are going to commit different crimes like robberies and car stealings. All the events of the game are going to take place in a fictional city, Los Santos. 

In a single player game, you can manage activities of one protagonist in a particular moment. You can also switch between Michael, Franklin, and Trevor during the game, whether one of them is on a mission or not. 

Use different weapons, perform various motion actions, and drive vehicles to succeed in the mission. If any of your protagonists is included in the list of the person wanted by the police, the officers are going to chase you. 

Controls — 4/5

Haven't played shooters for a long time? A first-person view will add simulator features to driving, and shooting will acquire realism and convenience in aiming.

Controlling any transport is mastered in a couple of minutes. This applies to cars, tractors, evacuators, aircraft, helicopters and even submarines. That is, the controlling of transport is arcade, but it is specially made for entertainment and maintaining the pace of the game.

It’s a genuinely tough task to master all the controls in the first-person view. They can become twitchy to deal with outrageous driving stunts and too sensitive, You have to work hard to keep the car on the road especially in case of a chase after you. Thankfully, you can choose to drive in third-person and have the game automatically switch you back to first-person whenever you get on foot. 

Replay Value — 5/5

GTA V is the game we can easily name legendary and unique in its kind. Many years have passed from the moment it was released, and it is still actual and exciting for the players all over the world. We return to play it because of exciting gameplay and high-class graphics. The multiplayer mode also enhances the user engagement.



GTA V has become a cult game. This is an adventure with shootings, chases, plot twists and choices you need to make in the right place. GTA V hasn't lost its relevance over the years. At least because there has not yet appeared another action in the open world, comparable in scale and elaboration. This is the most complete, technologically advanced and merely the coolest version of the game-phenomenon.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4

Controls 4

Replay Value 4

One of the best action games ever!

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