Coke ON, fun and reasonable Coca-Cola official app

Coke ON, fun and reasonable Coca-Cola official app

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Coke ON, fun and reasonable Coca-Cola official app is a popular application developed by Coca-Cola. Coke ON, fun and reasonable Coca-Cola official appis available for download for Android OS. We have chosen this application as one of those you should have on your phone. We have also collected links to official resources where you can get and install Coke ON, fun and reasonable Coca-Cola official app, as well as recommendations for your device's operating system and model.

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Coke ON, fun and reasonable Coca-Cola official app Review

Coke ON, fun and reasonable Coca-Cola official app is definitely on our list of to-be-soon-reviewed titles. We've compiled an official list of the app's features that may be of interest to you.

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Official App Description
It's fun and reasonable! Coca-Cola official app! "Coke ON"

We have many exclusive campaigns only for Coke ON users, such as Coke ON Walk (You will get Coke ON stamps, just you walk.), double stamp campaign, free drink ticket campaign and more!
You can also share your free drink tickets with your friends. Enjoy Coca-Cola products with your friends!

If you connect the Coke ON app with a smartphone compatible Coca-Cola vending machine, you'll get a stamp every time you make a purchase. Collect 15 stamps and you'll get a free drink ticket that you can exchange for a drink of your choice.

Swipe your digital drink ticket towards the vending machine and get a drink!
To use your drink ticket, select a beverage on the Coke ON app and swipe it towards the Coke ON vending machine! Enjoy a new vending machine experience!

Only on Coke ON! Take advantage of our special offers.
Take advantage of our special offers such as free drink trial campaigns and our double stamp campaigns.

You can enjoy campaigns depending on your location or usage time. Check the app and take advantage of our special offers!

Set your weekly step goal and start walking. Get a stamp every week by achieving your weekly target. We'll also be rolling out special Coke ON Walk campaigns. Walk every day and get a free drink!

• You will Get Coke ON stamp via using e-money
Now Coke ON connect to your e-money, and you can use submitted e-money, and can get Coke ON stamp without connect to vending machine.

• Get fun and using Coke ON Camera!
Now Coke ON have AR function! If you scan applicable products or marks, you will find some special AR contents.

[Note for use]
• Please make sure you have good reception when using this app.
• You can get stamps and exchange drink tickets with smartphone compatible Coca-Cola vending machines.
• Coke ON uses Bluetooth function to connect this app with a Coke ON vending machine. When you use Coke ON, Bluetooth and Location Services must be turned on.
• With Location Services turned on, you'll be able to take part in regional campaigns.
• If Location Services is turned on "only while the app is in use", you won't be able to receive notifications from vending machines or connect with a Coke ON vending machine in the background.
• The app will use GPS in the background to search for Coke ON vending machines nearby. Continuous use of GPS will significantly drain your smartphone battery.

[Compatible devices]
Depending on the device, the app may not be displayed correctly.
Please click below for details:
Everyone enjoy this app
You just can't miss this app!

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